Save $5/acre with the triple threat of TriActor®EZ herbicide.

Weed control is an integral part of growing a successful food-grade soybean crop. Getting weeds out of the way early in the season will set your soybeans up for stronger performance and better yields.

We are working with Nufarm to help you maximize your returns on every contracted acre. With combining proprietary genetics and a proven portfolio of pre-seed and in-crop herbicide options, you can count on your crops staying cleaner longer. This approach will help in delivering winning results for your 2024 production contract.

Start clean. Stay clean. A winning approach to growing Food-Grade soybeans.

TriActor EZ is a triple-action broadleaf and grass weed residual herbicide for IP soybeans. With 3 modes of action, it controls the toughest weeds and helps IP soybeans stay clean, long into the growing season.

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Save $5/acre on TriActor EZ

STEP 1   Contract food-grade soybeans with Sevita.

STEP 2   Purchase and apply TriActor EZ herbicide with other tank-mix partners like BlackHawk® and/or glyphosate between September 1, 2023, and August 31, 2024.

STEP 3   Receive a $5/acre bonus for all acres matching a Sevita ‘closed loop’ food-grade production contract and TriActor EZ purchases.

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