Sevita International is a Canadian owned and operated soybean company proudly serving growers in our communities and end users around the world for over 25 years.

Leveraging over 25 years of heavy investment in genetic development and all critical elements of the soy value chain, Sevita International has brought to market quality non-GM varieties that are in strong demand in the highest value soybean markets in the world as well as top-performing GM varieties across multiple trait platforms.

  • 1995 - 7 Companies formally incorporated as PROSeeds
  • 1997 - Awared the distribution rights to OAC Millennium. This was the first release using a tender system from the University of Guelph
  • 2001 - Introduced our first Roundup Ready® soybean varieties
  • 2011 - Introduced our first Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yield® soybean varieties
  • 2012 - PROSeeds, Agworks, Hendrick ArgiFoods and Hendrick Seeds amalgamated to form Sevita International
  • 2015 - Sevita Genetics was formed as an independent company focues on soybean breeding and testing around the world
  • 2016 - Sevita Genetics signs research agreement to breed and develop Enlist E3™  soybean varieties.
  • 2016 - The first Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybean variety under the Sevita brand was launched
  • 2018 - Sevita Genetics was awarded a $3.7 million opportunity to co-invest in research into NON-GMO high oleic soybeans
  • 2018 - Sevita food grade production programs established in the United States
  • 2019 - Introduced food grade program for Manitoba in partnership with Nadeau Seeds
  • 2020 - Sevita celebrates their 25 year anniversary
  • 2020 - First commerical Enlist E3™ soybean varieties launched
  • 2020 - Distribution partnership with Ceres Global Seeds in Western Canada