Sevita Genetics is the soybean breeding arm of Sevita International. Our innovative, independent research program is one of the leading developers of soybean varieties across Canada.

Sevita Genetics


Our skilled breeding team creates varieties that will maximize the net return for the Canadian farmer through agronomic performance and high-value marketing opportunities.

Through a close affiliation with the export team, the breeding program can make more informed and better decisions regarding new lines and shorten the timeline to commercialization for Canadian producers.

Evaluating and Researching Thousands of Lines

The Sevita Genetics breeding program is one of the largest in Canada with over 30,000 products under evaluation every year with later-stage commercial products being tested in many locations throughout Canada.
The scope of this program creates numerous opportunities to find the next leading variety with solid agronomy and food quality characteristics.
Rigorous testing in many locations throughout Eastern Canada helps to identify stable, high-performing varieties for the range of Canadian growing conditions and maturities.

Your Sevita Genetics Advantage

  • Proprietary conventional and traited varieties
  • Independent breeding program
  • World-class technology
  • Renowned breeding expertise

The Science of Variety Selection

  • Performance
  • Trait enhancement and confirmation using DNA markets
  • Food and end-user evaluations
  • Protein and oil analysis
  • Other traits with economic benefits

Weed pressure and disease resistance are evolving targets. Developing varieties that address both issues is critical to successful production. Sevita International is the primary partner for new varieties from Sevita Genetics and that puts Canadian farmers at the forefront of innovation.

Soybean Crossing genetics

Adding Value at Every Turn

  • SCN resistance in many new varieties
  • Developing new varieties with Rps genes alone and in combination, providing improved tolerance to phytophthora
  • Developing food-grade varieties that provide the best combination of yield for the grower and processing yield for the end-user
  • Developing high oleic varieties to benefit Canadian growers and improve consumer health
  • Delivery varieties with herbicide tolerance traits like Roundup Ready 2 Xtend®, Enlist E3™ soybeans, and Roundup Ready 2 Yield®
  • Ongoing research to provide performance in changing climatic conditions


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