Sevita operates two types of facilities, food grade and pedigreed seed. The Canadian Grain Commission has presented Sevita's export facilities with Canadian Identity Preserved Recognition System for having a quality management system that follows the requirements set forth in the Canadian Grain Commission Quality Management for Identity Preserved Programs Systems Standard for contract production, processing and shipment of IP products. Our processing facilities maintain the best technology available for conditioning crops to the rigid specifications of customers around the world. Sevita's seed plants are certified through CFIA as Registered Seed Establishments. 

Our export facilities and processes are certified CIPRS and HACCP.
Sevita is a member of SoyCanada and is certified by the Canadian Grain Commission as an exporting company that meets ISO standards for Canadian IP soybean quality management practices.


Sevita Woodstock Export Facility (IP processing)

45,000 MT/year capacity, automated/computerized system and controls

/Woodstock Seed Plant (Registered Seed Establishment)

10,000 MT/year, semi-automated system

595570 Hwy 59 N, Woodstock, ON


Sevita Inkerman (Guy Rd, Registered Seed Establishment)

10,000 MT/year capacity, semi automated system

11760 Guy Rd, Inkerman, ON


Sevita Inkerman Export Facility (IP processing)

45,000 MT/year capacity, automated systems and controls

11791 Sandy Row, Inkerman, ON


Atlantic Soy Corporation (IP processing)

14,000 MT/year capacity

171 Greys Rd, Belle River, PEI


Rosebank Seed Farm Ltd. (Partner)

7340 Perth Line 24, RR#2, Staffa, ON


Agri Magic (Partner)

27 Route 236, St-Louis de Gonzangue, QC

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