At Sevita International we only source the best quality soybeans from the best quality soybean growers. Stringent quality control processes are in place at all stages from Certified Seed to the grower, to handling and transportation, and processing and shipping. Sevita is certified by the Canadian Grain Commission as an exporting company that meets ISO standards for Canadian IP soybean quality management practices.

Sevita Quality Assurance

Sevita’s system maintains the integrity, identity, and purity of all pedigreed seed delivered to and stored at our facilities.

Much of Sevita’s success is driven by high, HACCP-based standards, as documented in our Assured Grain & Traceability Manual.

This manual is the basis of all risk management practices followed by Sevita and its contracted growers and processors, allowing the company to provide consumer assurance for food safety and quality.

The manual identifies:

  • potential hazards that can occur in any Canadian grain operation
  • areas in grain production and handling where hazards or risks can best be managed
  • grain production and handling practices necessary to control these risks, including corrective actions to be taken when practices are not effective
  • the documents suggested for capturing the necessary data and ensuring traceability.

Program and protocol assurance

We recruit the finest growers who adhere to standards and protocols for identity preservation to ensure a safe food supply.

The Canadian Identity Preserved Recognition System (CIPRS) program ensures we meet market demands for grains, oilseeds and pulses by providing process verification of identity preservation programs for the grain industry through third-party audits.

Sevita participates annually in these third-party audits, and IP documentation helps us with continuous improvement.

Quality policy statement

Sevita International is committed to supplying quality products and services to our customers through dedicated growers, responsible processors, and an excellent research and development program.


Sevita International can track the movement and trace the origins of products within its supply chain. The global demand for traceability is predicted to increase, and we are ready to meet these more stringent marketplace requirements.