Sustainable Canadian Soy Program

Written by Soy Canada

The Sustainable Canadian Soy program is a voluntary stewardship program that will drive new market opportunities, ensure continued access to premium markets, and enhance the sustainability of Canadian farms and the soybean value chain. The elements of the program include land use efficiency, climate-smart farming, soil health, water stewardship, biodiversity, and habitat.

Canadian Sustainable Soy Program

This is a voluntary, market-driven program that will ensure continued access to premium markets as well as create new market opportunities for the soybean value chain. Customers of Canadian value-added soybeans have asked for a verifiable sustainability program, and Sustainable Canadian Soy will enable Canada’s soybean industry to compete for market share on an international level. The program will also help farmers assess their soybean production methods and encourage further adoption of sustainable farming practices.

Sustainable Canadian Soy utilizes the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA), a globally recognized whole farm sustainability benchmarking and assessment program, and will be managed by participating Canadian grain exporters and handlers who serve customers who are asking for sustainability verification.

At this time, the new Sustainable Canadian Soy program is aimed at growers, grain handlers, and exporters of food-grade and Identity Preserved (IP) soybeans. For more information about the new Sustainable Canadian Soy program, visit or contact Sevita to participate.

Watch the summary video from Soy Canada. The video shows a panel including Ontario Soybean Grower Scott Persall and Sevita International's Grain Business Manager Matt Renkema.