December 7th, 2018. From left: Rory Francis (Executive Director PEI BioAlliance), Greg Donald (General Manager, PEI Potato Board), Aaron Mills (Research scientist, Ag Canada Charlottetown, PEI), Chris Chivilo (Owner, W. A. Grain and Pulse Solutions), The Honourable Lawrence McCauley (Federal Minister of Agriculture), Don Rees (President, Sevita International), Murray MacDonald (Plant Manager, Atlantic Soy Corporation)

Belle River, Prince Edward Island

New Oilseed Crop Research Funding with Sevita Genetics Announced by Agriculture Canada

Oilseed crops are one of the fastest-growing markets in Eastern Canada. Soybean production in Prince Edward Island has roughly tripled since 2008 to 2016. Our farmers are working hard to grow their businesses by tapping into exciting new opportunities both at home and in the emerging markets abroad.

There is a significant increased demand for plant-based oils for both food/feed and industrial uses, that is projected to expand at an even greater rate as consumers continue to demand healthy plant-based products and ingredients. The oils most in demand are ones high in oleic acid that can replace poly unsaturated oils and partially hydrogenated oils that are currently banned in processing. There are currently no such Non-GM soybean varieties available and Sevita is the only company working on and investing in development of this type of soybean variety.

“Our Government is always looking for ways to grow opportunities for farmers in Prince Edward Island, and across our country. This investment into the development of new oilseed varieties made to grow in Eastern Canadian soils and sell in international markets, along with trade opportunities our Government is creating, will help our farmers put more money in their pockets and grow their businesses.” - Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food.

The total funding for the program will be approximately $3.7 million and distributed over a 5-year period based on initial collaborative investments made by Sevita Genetics.

“Research is key: the future is breeding better varieties. You have to test many different varieties before you get a winner and this investment will help breed varieties that will suit the soils of PEI. Better varieties will result in greater opportunities for the farmers of PEI, and ultimately more high quality product for Atlantic Soy to expand its non-GMO export market.” - Murray MacDonald, Manager, Atlantic Soy.

The development of a soybean line that contains a high oleic, low linolenic and low palmitic acid profile proposed by Sevita International and ECODA (Eastern Canada Oilseed Development Alliance) is core to a clear strategic vision that encompasses building on the strong success of the partnerships of GF2. These specialized soybeans will further benefit Canada and the international community with the stacking of designer traits to help minimize environmental impact by reducing inputs.

“The untapped non-GMO, high oleic, Soybean oil category is a significant opportunity for Canada to take the lead in value-added soybean product development and market expansion all over the world. This project will be of great benefit to the Canadian soybean farmers across the country, soybean processing facilitates in Canada and Canadian export market development all over the world.” - Don Rees, President, Sevita International.

As regulation and tariffs across the globe are becoming more restrictive, the innovations of Sevita International and ECODA specializing in NON-gmo soybeans will give Canada a competitive advantage on the world market.

“We have worked with ECODA and AAFC since 2009 in a range of research projects, and I can state with confidence that this research will result in some exciting breakthroughs in developing soybean varieties that will provide improved human health benefits and new plant-based sources of protein for the aquaculture industry.” - David Hendrick, Chief Science Officer, Sevita International.


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