New IP Soybean varieties


This medium height plant is a slender, 2450-2500 CHU variety that will perform best in narrow rows. Will yield in all soil types but prefers silt loam. This variety has average white mould tolerance, and a good disease package including Brown Stem Rot.


A 2600-2650 CHU variety with great early season vigour that will branch out to fill wider rows. Ideal for a fertile, no till situation or on clay soils. A good variety for yield and premium potential.


Great yield potential for a 2750-2800 CHU variety that has opportunity for premium. A medium height variety that will travel from sandy loam to clay soils. This variety has very good vigour and prefers wider rows.


This 2750-2800 CHU variety is a contract variety for a specific end use market. Good for soils where standability may be an issue. A tall, semi-bushy variety suited for loam or clay loam soils with very good white mould tolerance.


A 2800-2850 CHU variety that has a SCN resistance and will perform in 15” row spacing very well. Good standability with very good disease package including good PRR & Brown Stem Rot tolerances.


A high yielding 2900-2950 CHU soybean that should be placed on heavier soils. A semi-bushy plant with medium stature. Good vigour for no-till or a reduced tillage situation.

Sevita Appears in the South China Morning Post

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