2023 Plot Results Posted to the Online Tool to Help Farmers Compare Soybean Varieties

Inkerman, Ontario – Variety performance data from the 2023 on-farm plots across Canada is here. Sevita has updated the performance data on their free, online plot comparison tool that allows growers to evaluate results from across Canada.

Screenshot of plot tool software
Sevita International is a Canadian-owned and operated soybean company, known for food-grade and traited varieties developed for Canadian growers. Sevita’s online plot comparison tool will help growers with their seed-buying decisions for the 2024 growing season. Featuring many years of agronomic data from on-farm plots, public, and private research trials, the web-based tool lets Canadian growers see how different varieties perform in their region, relative to other products on the market. They can select plots by location on a map or by variety to compare head-to-head by both yield and revenue potential.

“Sevita prioritizes variety development and evaluation so growers can be confident selecting a soybean variety for their field.” Says Sandy Hart, General Manager for Sevita. “We have confidence in our varieties, and we can back it up with reliable data. We evaluate our varieties against a set of competitor products to generate solid data to help growers make an informed decision for their farm business.”

Growers can enter in their town into the map function and find up to six years of plot results within 50 – 200 kilometers, including trial results from this past growing season. They can also take it a step further and filter the results based on their specific growing conditions and preferences, such as soil type or traits of interest – including food-grade, Enlist E3™, XtendFlex®, and Roundup Ready 2 Xtend®.

The special part about the tool is the comprehensive ability to evaluate varieties against each other. Varieties can be compared by characteristics like maturity, trait, performance in certain soil types, and more. “What’s unique about this tool is that you can compare products that have appeared in the same plots. For example, variety A vs variety B when they appeared in the same locations across Canada.” Says John Van Herk, Agronomy Manger for Sevita. “Other plot tools take total scores without considering the specific plot conditions. You could be comparing a variety in a plot that got hit with a hailstorm to a variety grown in pristine conditions, and it just isn’t accurate. This tool compares varieties that were in the same field, in the same year.”

Sevita is known for their non-GM, food-grade soybean varieties which get exported around the world to be made into soy food products. Growers who choose to grow food-grade soybeans receive a premium in addition to their local cash price. This plot tool has a function to consider this premium. By entering a live, local cash price, you can compare non-gm performance to traited varieties to understand the elevated profit potential of food-grade soybeans.

Sevita Field trial 2023

Website visitors also have the opportunity to input their contact information and general details to receive a curated plot report specific to their region and interests within 48 hours, including data from Sevita’s private research trials.
“Visiting plots during growing season is not always possible and most growers make purchasing decisions in the winter, this tool helps put more information right at growers’ fingertips when they need it most,” Van Herk says. “It will be especially useful to help growers take a look at the new varieties launched this year and see how they might perform in their areas.” Sevita has launched 3 new food-grade and 6 new traited varieties for the 2024 growing season.

Visit sevita.com/plots for more information and to start comparing plot results near you. More plot results are being uploaded regularly as they are available.