Heat Unit Ideal Soil Type Test Weight Vigour Ear Type
2900-2950 Silty Loam 7 / 10 7 / 10 Semi-Determinate

Medium plant stature to allow for residue management

  • Very strong performance across all environments, excels in arid environments 
  • Very good heat and stress tolerance
  • Flairs husk early allowing fast dry down
  • Medium plant stature to allow for residue management 
VT Double Pro Rib Complete

No Till

Dry Down

Root Rating

Stalk Rating

Drought Tolerance

Corn After Corn 9 Population Medium-High to High
Flowering for Maturity Average Plant Height Medium
Leaf Angle Semi-Erect Root Mass Deep Penetrating and Lateral
Silage 6 / 10
Goss's Wilt 7 / 10 Leaf Blight 5 / 10
Fungicide Response 10 / 10 Anthracnose Stalk Rot 6 / 10


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